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What Is Character Counter?

Do you ever find yourself struggling to stay within the character limit on social media posts? Or maybe you’re trying to hit a specific word count for an assignment. Either way, keeping a track of your total characters is very frustrating. But with our Character Counter tool, you can easily see how many characters your text contains.

So, What exactly is an online character counter?

It is an online tool that helps you quickly see how many words or characters your blog, post, Tweet, text, or summary contains. You can also use it to check the number of spaces in your text. This can be useful if you want to ensure that your social media posts are within the character counter word limit.

How To Use The Character Counter?

Simply type or paste your text into the box and the tool will give you a count for both characters and words.

You can even see the excluded spaces from the character count. It can be helpful if you’re working with a platform that has a character limit but doesn’t include spaces in that total.

Features of the tool

Easy To Use

You just need to type or paste the text into the tool and your work is done.

Our tool will automatically calculate the number of words and characters in your text. The best part is no install.


Our tool is designed to give you accurate results.

For enhancing the experience of users we have included the feature of counting other useful items like space, letters, pages, paragraphs, and even sentences.

Free Of Cost

Privacy and security of data are our topmost priorities.

We do not save any data that is fed into our tool. So, you can rest assured that nobody will steal your data.

Free Of Cost

If you are a blogger or a writer then you will definitely relate to this. Counting words or characters is an important task but it can be quite tedious if it puts a  strain on your pockets. Keeping this in mind we have made our tool free to use for our users.

Compatibility Of Using Character Counter

1. Windows

The default web browsers for Windows are Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome.

Keeping this in mind, the tool has been designed to be compatible with all these browsers. You can use the tool on any of these browsers without any issues.

2. Mobile

Our tool is also compatible with all mobile devices. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

There is no need to download any app. Simply go to the website and start using the tool. It is also responsive and will adjust to your screen size.

3. Macbook

Have a MacBook? Don’t worry.

Our tool is compatible with all other versions of mac as they all use Safari as their default browser. Our browser-based tool is perfectly compatible with safari.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why use the character counter online tool?

Ans: There are many reasons why you might want to use this tool. For example, if you’re trying to stay within the character limit on Twitter or Instagram, this tool can help you keep track of your progress.

Or, if you’re working on an assignment where you need to hit a specific word count, then the tool comes to your rescue.

Q2. How do you check character count?

Ans: There are two ways to check the character count of your document:

You can use a tool like Twitter character counter that displays words, characters, spaces, and even paragraphs of your pasted document.


You can use the Word Count feature in Microsoft Word. This is located in the review tab and counts both spaces and characters.

No matter which method you use, checking character count is a quick and easy way to ensure that your document meets any length requirements.

Q3. How do I count characters in Excel?

Ans: To count characters in Excel, use the LEN function.

For example, if you have a cell with the text “apple,” in cell A1. You can use the formula =LEN(A1) to get the result 5. This counts all of the characters in the cell, including spaces.

Q4. Is there a character count in words?

Ans: Yes, there is a character count in Word. To find it, go to the “Review tab” and click on “Word Count.

A box will pop up with all of the relevant information, including the total number of characters in your document.

Q5. How do I count characters in a PDF?

Ans: To count characters in a PDF, you can use a variety of tools, depending on the file type.

For example, Adobe Acrobat has a “Words” tool that will give you a character count for the entire document.

If you have a scanned PDF, you can use an optical character recognition (OCR) program to convert it to a text file, which you can then run a character count on it.

Helpful tips for new users

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when using the tool.

  1. Make sure to proofread your text before you submit it. 
  2. If you’re working with a platform that has a character limit, make sure to adjust the settings accordingly. Spaces are also counted as characters.
  3. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the tool before you use it. It is easy to use, but it’s always helpful to understand the full functionality of the tool. This will help ensure that you get the most accurate results possible.